The Fremantle Steel Group participation in Infrastructure projects ranges from small bridges to large stadiums, and as with all the projects the Fremantle Steel Group is involved with attention to detail is paramount.

We are well placed to provide beams and columns to projects, as our Welshpool factory Beam – Line has the capability to produce in the region of 500 meters of beams and columns per week. The machine is unique to Australia as it can manufacture beams with a web depth of up to 4 meters if required. Beams up to 30 meters in length can be manufactures and we have introduced 40mm of finished camber into beams of that length. The machine is also first stage compatible to the 1554 Part V welding requirement.

At our Jandakot factory we have a another unique to Australia piece of equipment in our 360 ° multi axis laser pipe cutting machine, which can cut with extreme high precision, pipe 600mm dia.  & square section up to 300 mm. The benefit of this kind of high tolerance finish is the efficiencies gained in fit-up in the assembly process.

As with the other market segments Fremantle Steel Group operates  our use of industry leading 4D and BIM methodology in tandem with our in-house high level tracking and traceability systems gives the Fremantle Steel Group that cutting edge in the use of technology in processing a client’s exact requirements. Note should also be made that our 40,000 tonnes per annum capacity and our 60,000 square meters of laydown area, gives us the flexibility to buffer store product to meet deadline in the event of any site delivery constraint

“We look forward to expediting your next Project’