It can be said that in the production of Oil and Gas concentrates there is the potential if strict adherence to safety principles and exacting standards are not met, there is the potential for a high risk occurrence. We at the Fremantle Steel Group are acutely aware of the philosophy driving the resource sector and our adherence to this strict governance is applied through our production processes for the supply of Fabricated Steel and Mechanical Outfit to the industry.

 As a Group this discipline has been developed over the last two decades through the supply of Fabricated Steel to all of the Major LNG Projects in Western Australia and the Northern Territory, and it should be noted, with negligible downtime to the client.

The Fremantle Steel Group has a culture that embeds the philosophy of Continuous Improvement and Lean Principles, and is in daily practice to enable us to achieve our objectives. This translates in to a Value for Money outcome for the client as we constantly strive to eliminate waste and lean down our value stream within the organisation.

Success in a Project starts with good planning and our use of industry leading 4D and BIM methodology in tandem with our in-house high level tracking and traceability systems gives the Fremantle Steel Group that cutting edge in the use of technology in processing a client’s exact requirements.

With our current capability and capacity to produce 40,000tonnes per annum, employing a highly skilled workforce and our innovative use of technology we stand ready to expedite your next Project.