The Fremantle Steel Group have extensive HSE procedures and policies in place based on AS/NZS 4801- HSE management systems, and the following is an overview.

Fremantle Steel Group is committed to the Duty of Care principles and practices in HSE and notwithstanding its legal responsibilities in this regard, fully acknowledges its moral obligation to ensure the ongoing health, safety and well-being of its employees, contractors, customers and visitors.

Through the active participation of management and the involvement of our employees and contractors, it is our aim to establish and maintain safe working environments, vehicles, machinery and equipment and systems of work so as to maximise employee safety and health in the workplace.

It is our responsibility to provide employees with training and establish safety awareness programmes directed at accident prevention in order to eliminate, the incidence of work related injury and illness. Should an accident occur, we are committed to providing an appropriate Occupational Rehabilitation service to assist employees back to their pre-accident employment.

Employees will play a vital role in achieving our safety goals, through acceptance of their responsibility to take all necessary steps to ensure not only their own health and safety, but also the health and safety of their fellow workers. This can be achieved in part through the adoption of safe work practices, using protective clothing and equipment as directed, and complying with all rules, regulations and codes of practice established to enhance workplace safety and health.

Management together with and through our supervisors will promote and actively strive for the best possible standard of workplace health and safety. It is our belief that through joint participation and co-operation between management, employees and contractors, the objectives of our safety effort can be achieved to the satisfaction and benefit of all concerned.