The Fremantle Steel Group over the last 25 years have developed our own highly sophisticated tracking system complemented with barcoding capability.

The process is highly detailed in its content, and is used to track individual components identified from the detail drawings through the manufacturing process.  

Hold points for progress input into the schedule and “S” Curves are at completion of:-

  • Processing (cutting and drilling)
  • Assembly
  • Welding and NDT

At this point components are Barcoded for movement to various options such as:-

  • Ship to Treatment Yard
  • Treatment
  • Return for Mechanical Outfit/Pre Assembly
  • Ship to Site

As data/information is collated into the programme through the processes, reports are formulated for a wide variety of purpose, notwithstanding the information that is fed back into the 3D Model and Primavera programmes to construct the 4D visualisation of the relevant project.