"It is not enough to do your best; you must know what to do, and then do your best." - W. Edwards Deming

Good advice from one of the leaders in modern management techniques including continuous improvement. At the Fremantle Steel group we have taken on-board that advice in our drive to better our performances and practices to achieve our goals, especially in the area of Project Control.  

The outcome of the exercise has been the development of a 4D capability by combining our 3D Navisworks and Primavera P6 programmes, that we have successfully developed a 4D BIM capability for project progress analysis.

By having the ability to see a sequence of events depicted on a timeline, can quickly lead us to determining the required optimal solution with regard to effectively utilizing labour, materials, and time variables across a project.

Other significant benefits obtained from a 4D perspective is the ability to visualise were major constraints and challenges could occur during the process. Because of this factor communication is improved between disciplines allowing early intervention strategies to be put in place to avoid conflict.

When compared to 2D/3D it can be seen from the above that 4D can and does overall greatly improve sequencing and communication in the scope of a project.   

When this powerful capability is run in conjunction with our internal in-house developed tracking system and our barcoding technology (see barcoding and tracking), we can now present to the client an open window like never before, to our production process and its effective management.