At the Fremantle Steel Group Welshpool Facility is a Beam manufacturing facility, unique to Australia in that it can produce beams with a web depth of up to 4 meters in height and lengths of up to 30 meters across all major steel grades (camber can also be introduced to a beam).

The purpose-built plant not only produces a job orientated range of standard structural I Beams, but also special sections that efficiently meet engineers’ exacting needs – sections such as T’s, U’s, Asymmetric sections, and members with eccentric flanges and webs.

Unique shapes are also possible within the process, and variations to the norm such as:

  • Notched Beams
  • Tapered Beams
  • Variable Plate Beams
  • Cut-outs

If required, the above manufactured sections can then also be assembled into the likes of boxes, cruciform etc. to provide an even more versatile combination of shapes and sizes, adding up to a remarkable selection.

All special sections are produced to comply with the provisions of Australian Standard AS3679.2 Structural Steel Pt2 Welded Sections.

Web to Flange joints consist of deep penetration fillet welds made using a fully automated tandem sub-arc welding process, which complies with AS4100, C1 9.7.

The specified minimum tensile strength of the web is available for web thicknesses up to 20mm.